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I’ve  listed on this page some tools that will be useful to you when planning your web site, and other tools that are useful for various other tasks. They are free to use online, you don’t have to download anything. Please check back from time to time, as I’m sure to be adding more periodically.

  • Search Term Suggestion Shows keywords and frequency searched on Overture (Yahoo/MSN) last month.
  • Keyword Suggestion Keyword searches from Overture and Wordtracker (Wordtracker displays singular/plural & correct order).
  • Browsershots Get free screenshots of your website, as viewed on various browsers.
  • Character Counter This is a helpful tool if you need to limit your text to a specific character count, such as when you’re submitting your resource for consideration on another website! It’s fast, free and easy!
  • Wondering what your screen resolution is? Go to What Is My Screen Resolution and find out right away!