How I Work

  • If you need a hosting account for your website, although I don’t currently offer web hosting, I can recommend these web hosts very highly, as their customer service, features and prices are outstanding, and are sure to meet all your hosting needs.
  • I definitely like to keep things casual, working with clients, meeting new people, learning about you and your business! You will not have to worry about being confused by a lot of “technical jargon”, as I can get a point across in regular language just as well. If there’s anything at all you don’t understand, just ask, there are no “stupid questions”. As always, your input and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed!
  • Copywriting – this is something that I do not specialize in. Nobody knows your business like you do.
  • Web Content – You don’t have to gather every last thing you’ll need all at once prior to your web design being started, but at the very least, you should have an idea of how many pages you’ll need and have some of the text and images ready to send. While your design is being created, you can focus on gathering the rest of your content and writing copy for your pages.
  • Once your website is uploaded, your link will be listed on this website, which gets spidered every day by Google. If you don’t know much about this right now, you’ll soon come to realize that this is a very good thing.